Hey, It's me Ujjawal Rachhoya

MERN stack web developer, Quick learner, Self motivated, Curious person

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Let's talk about my coding skills, technical skills and whatever you want to hire me. Please have a look.

Focus on solving bigger problems

I am the kind of person who deals with problems everyday and tries to solve them until they are solved. If you have any problem regarding technology in which I have little bit knowledge I will try to solve it.

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Which code editor I use

I am using VS Code for coding because VS Code comes up with better user interface lot's of extensions. Navigation from one folder to another folder is so easy and the most important thing is vs code user experience.

Want to see my project?

I am the kind of person who learns from making projects and implements concepts through out making projects. These are my best projects which really inspire you.

Blog Website
1. It’s a blog website with user authentication, blog creation , comment section for comment on other’s blogs, separate comment page and profile page corresponding to logged in users where he/she can find blogs written by him/her. 2. Built in Next JS , MongoDB use for database to store data, JWT for user authentication and tailwind CSS use for design. 3. Some other functionality like top loading bar when navigate from one page to another, beautiful alert message make this website more user friendly.

There are many intersting project on my GitHub profile. Please have a look and follow below steps for each repo and enjoy.

git clone repo_link yarn install / npm install yarn start / npm run start (React project ) yarn run dev (Next Project)

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Don't fly solo

Give me a chance I prove you, Why I am better than other.

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Jalandhar, Punjab, India

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